Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about OK childcare grants? We're here to help.

Program Details

Who is administering these funds?
What can funds be used for? 
What are the funding cycles? 
What are the funding amounts? 
Will there be additional grants available to providers outside of the stabilization grants? 
Is the data in child care provider applications and the information about funding awards public data? 
How can I ensure I receive the email communications from DHS related to these funds? 


What types of child care programs are eligible for the Child Care Stabilization Grant Program?
What information and documentation is needed to be eligible to receive these funds?
What is required of eligible child care providers who accept these funds? 
When do providers have to be open in order to be eligible to receive grants? 
Under what circumstances can providers be closed temporarily and still be eligible for these funds? 
Will I still be eligible for payments if I move during the grant period? 
Are providers who receive Child Care Subsidy payments eligible for these funds? 
Do child care providers have to operate at their full licensed capacity to receive these funds? 
Can providers who applied for and received financial support from another source still be eligible for these funds? 
Are child care providers who received any other federal Small Business Administration loan still eligible for these funds?

Application Process

How do I apply for the Child Care Stabilization Grant Program?
Is a paper application available? 
Why is the department asking additional questions as part of an information collection effort for the stabilization grants? 
Why is tax information being requested and how will Oklahoma Department of Human Services ensure they are stored in a secure manner? 
Why do I need to provide my Federal Employer Identification Number as a part of the application? 
Will the Child Care Stabilization Grant funding be considered income when I file my 2021 taxes? 
What if information about my program (address, ownership, authorized agent) changes after I submit my application? 
I still have questions and I am not finding answers in this FAQ. Where do I send my questions? 

Use of Funds

How will I receive the grant awards? 
What if my check is lost, stolen or damaged? 
Can child care providers charge fees if they receive these funds? 
Will child care providers have to submit receipts to prove how funds were spent? 
What are the consequences for a provider who applied for and accepted these funds not meeting the funding requirements? 
When must the funds be used by? 
Under any circumstances will I have to pay these funds back? 
A child stacking blocks

Questions about OK childcare grants? We’re here to help.

The application process is straightforward and designed to deliver grant funds directly to Oklahoma childcares.